Open Sessions

Open sessions are for anyone and everyone - boys and girls aged 8 - 16. Open sessions are designed to cater to all levels, abilities and interests. No matter what the reason for playing, whether it’s trying a new sport for the first time, playing for social reasons or if your aim is to become a professional player, then NFA open sessions are for you.

We run Open Sessions for the following age groups:

  • 8-9 years
  • 10-12 years
  • 13-16 years

Please note that these age groups are a guide and are flexible to suit physical, mental and social maturity, confidence and technical ability.

Features of Open Sessions
  • 10 x ninety minute training sessions per term
  • Session are action packed, high energy and amazing fun. Fun and enjoyment are crucial for every child within a safe, supportive and appropriately challenging environment
  • Kids are encouraged to try new things in training and match situations. Risk taking is vital in order for kids to become creators and innovators of their own skill and technique.
  • New learning is made clear and explicit to ensure every child understands what they are learning and why, i.e. how it could be used in a match situation
  • Training sessions are differentiated to ensure that every child's technical, social/emotional, physical and mental characteristics are catered for
  • Clear, specific and timely feedback and feed-forward are provided to players and parents to ensure children gain maximum benefit from every session
  • Free access to the 'Player Zone' where kids have access to foundation skills videos which they can practice at home
  • Children are given  SMART GOALS cards to focus goals and measure progress and encourages training at home
  • Free 'Core Skills Challenge Day' at the end of each term. Children are able to assess their progress and achievement 
  • End of year Tournament  - December@ ASB Stadium