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Northland Futsal Academy (NFA) is a local company dedicated to providing quality opportunities for children to play futsal here in Whangarei. We offer programmes for children aged between 8 and 15 years of age, however this age bracket is only a guideline. NFA caters for boys and girls of all skill levels, goals and interests. No matter what the reason for playing, whether it's trying a new sport, playing for social reasons or ifyour aim is to become a professional player, NFA can help.

At NFA, we have a relationship based and child-centered coaching philosophy with an educational slant. We are confident that this is the most effective approach to coaching that inspires kids and equips them with the knowledge, skills and attitudes to carry on learning. Research shows that children are most motivated and engaged when they are having fun while constantly improving and learning new skills. Children must be appropriately challenged and encouraged to take risks in order to become creators and developers of their own skill and personal playing style. Personal goal setting, measuring and reflecting are important to help foster intrinsic motivation where kids are inspired to continue training on their own. Success and personal improvement bring confidence, increased enjoyment and satisfaction.

We are certain that outstanding players are not born but are created through hard work within a clear, purposeful and structured training environment. Mistakes and setbacks are seen as opportunities to improve rather than reasons to fail and give up. Children are encouraged to take risks and try new things within a safe, supportive atmosphere. These are attitudes and attributes that children can carry with them through all areas of life.

NFA understands the importance of players training all year round rather than over six months as traditionally accepted throughout New Zealand.

Children’s varying physical, social and emotional stages of development are carefully considered which helps to create a structured, yet flexible progression as children move through the coaching syllabus. Regular and meaningful communication with parents/caregivers about children’s progress, strengths and area for improvement is vital.

Children’s physical and emotional safeties are of paramount importance to us and we have robust and transparent health and safety policies and procedures.

Effective training sessions are a direct result of deliberate and purposeful preparation by coaches, rather than simply the mind set of kids. By knowing and understanding the needs of the players, coaches are able to prepare relevant, exciting and effective training sessions where kids are drawn into the necessary mind set in order to get the most benefit out of every training session.

We believe that perfect practice makes perfect.